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I'm googable, therefore I am

More than half the worlds population is now online and Google is the no. 1 search engine in the world. Whether a business, product or service is “Googable” describes wether or not it can be found via internet searches. If a thing is ungooglable, it is not immediately able to be found and therefore does not exist in the modern world. Being googable is the difference between struggling for business or having a profitable company with solid revenue.

Googabul helps your company be googable. You will experience internet traffic, leads and customers being directed to your businesses. We are 100 % focused on your business goals and helping you achieve them. The pricing model reflects this commitment. You do not pay an hourly rate, monthly fee or project fee. You pay per engaged visitor, lead or customer we drive to your business.

The pricing model

Individual needs, individual pricing

Take your business online

With an optimized webpage, landingpages, or entire website to deliver your message, drive leads, or convert traffic to customers.

Let AI find your customers

Using neural networks and advanced artificial intelligence to target potential customers and audiences, we drive traffic by using combinations of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and modern smart-banner ads.

Pay only for what matters

We do business differently. We charge based on how much we contribute to your business. That means instead of paying the reqular development costs of your solution, or paying the same monthly or anual fees:

  • Pay per engaged visitor*
  • Pay per lead
  • Pay per client
  • Pay per product sold
  • Pay per customer

*Engaged visitors are traffic that stayed at least 30 seconds on your web page or scrolled through at least 75% of the content on the landing page

Local Store Scenario

Your chain of consumer goods stores doesn’t sell products online. You want to drive more customers to your local stores.


Individual landingpages are crafted for each store. The pages are optimized for local SEO, brand name, and key products. Each store landingpage has button options to locate the store on a map with smartphone navigation support, and buttons to see local store opening hours.

Clicking the button indicates strong interest to visit the store. These two options are the convertion goals. The actions that visitors need to complete on the website.


Locally targeted online ads are set up and you do not pay Googlabul for hours, landingpages or ad budgets. You pay per convertion, per user that clicks the convertion buttons.

The price is tailored for you, based on your market niche, average order values and revenue.

B2B Lead Scenario

Your B2B company sells worldwide by having visitors on your website leave contact details on your website and thereby becomming sales leads.


Get your website optimized to convert visitors to leads. Custom contact form solutions together with advanced visitor tracking allows highly effective design optimization.

We use tracking data on existing leads to let AI locate and target potential new visitors with higher chance of converting to quality leads.


Worldwide targeted online ads are set up and you do not pay Googlabul for hours, landingpages or ad budgets. You pay per lead.

The price is tailored for you, based on your market niche, average order values and revenue.


I'm googable, therefore I am

Marketing Automation

You know it well. Hours and hours of doing simple marketing tasks just disappear. Facebook updates, Instagram photos, LinkedIn articles, newsletters, pictures, graphics, banners, respond to chat messages, comments and emails … Sometimes it feels like one giant tornado of tasks just sucks the time out of your work day. But, there are actually ways to make it […]


The right tool for the right job!

Have Technology Work For You

In the old days when you wanted to sell, an ox would pull your cart to local market. Today it is communication technology that will bring your product to the global online market.

Anyone can buy Google or Facebook ads. But only with the unique methods by Googabul do you get access to the full level of consumer data and deep learning algorithms.

AI And Big Data

When you need to reach your business goals, you look to the best tools available. Googabul combines state of the art user experience design, sales funnel design, tracking and unique marketing AI to boost your business online.

Our method is unique and our pricing model is predictable. Our method removes risk and unpredictability and provides your business with a steady stream of leads and customers at a predetermined cost.